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Best Free Video Editing Apps for YouTube | Create Great Edits for YT Vidoes

YouTube is a great platform for getting entertained and infotained. It gives an opportunity for people to showcase there talent, knowledge and creativity to millions of people every month. And the best way to attract the viewers is by creating good quality videos and the most powerful tools for doing so are Video Editors. There are a number of video editors available but they may have features which are limited for making some great edits for creating YouTube Videos.

The Video Editors Apps are a very good way to communicate your expressions by creating greeting or making some high-quality YouTube edits with all effects, fades, animations and transitions. These editors are available for Windows, Android and Mac. So, today I have come up with some of the best video editor or creator Apps for YouTube Videos.

Free Video Editor Apps for YouTube

Here are the Best Vide0 Editor App for YouTube with all the Powerful Features to Create Great Edits

1. Blender

Blender is an open-source free to use heavy-on-features video editing software with all tools making it a must-have app for YouTube Edits. With Blender, you can perform Modelling, 3D & Animation, VFX, Sculpting, Grease Pencil, Simulation & Rendering and Video Editing. If you are looking to produce a truly professional video for free, Blender is a solid option. On the video editing side, there are a ton of features, including transitions, mosaics, speed control, filters, adjustment layers, Audio Mixing & Dubbing, Keyframes and more.

You can create some complex videos with 32 slots which allow you to add video clips, audio clips, images, masks, scenes, transitions, audio and effects. If you are new to video editing than looking at all the functionalities and options offered by Blender may make you a little overwhelming. But once you get along with this software, you will be able to create some high-quality professional videos for YouTube that too without any Watermark.

Features of Blender

  • Free to us (No purchase needed)
  • No Watermark
  • Professional video tool
  • All video editing features
  • HD quality video output

Blender (Free) | Windows, Mac, Linux

2. Shotcut

Shotcut is another open-source free-to-use video editor App which will give to power to create some cool edits for your YouTube videos. You get the support for a large number of formats so there is no need to import the content and start native editing without ay delay. Shotcut support framerate control, 4K resolution Audio recording and more.

When it comes to Audio you get a plethora of features and functions with filters, controls, mixing, spectrum analyses, envelope, voice controls and more. On Video front also get a number of features to make content appealing. You can trim, add layers, effects, images, audios, effects and more. Shotcut is the best software if you are looking for creating some professional YouTube Videos. Though the usage is complex and tricky, the mammoth features will make you want it.

Features of Shotcut

  • Mammoth collection of features
  • Free and Open-Source
  • Video, Audio and Effects
  • Multiple formats and native editing

Shotcut (Free) | Windows, Mac, Linux

3. KineMaster Pro

If you do not have a PC to make edits for YouTube uploads there is no need for you to get disappointed. KineMaster is here for the rescue. Kinemaster Pro is a video editor app with all the features which you expect from the computer software. With Kinemaster Video Maker you can do dazzling edits, motions and animations on your Android Smartphones which where prior capable only on big editing tools on PC. KineMaster is a fully professional video editor for Android, supporting multi-layers of video, images, and text with state of the art cutting and trimming, you can have multi-track audio, volume envelope control, 3D transitions, Chromakey and more with this video App. The App is nothing parallel to a professional video editor app on PC. I also have a Mod Version of the App which you can download.

Features of KineMaster

  • Multiple layers of video, images, stickers, text, handwriting video clips
  • Frame-by-frame trimming, splicing and slicing
  • Supports all version
  • Instant preview anytime
  • Hue, brightness and saturation controls
  • Speed control for video clips
  • Fade in/fade out sound (overall)
  • Volume envelope (Precise volume control from moment to moment within a clip)
  • Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more)
  • A variety of themes, animations and visual and audio effects
  • Chroma Key Feature
  • Supports all the video formats.
  • Automatically optimise the unsupported videos

KineMaster (Free) | Android | iOS

4. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor is a pretty powerful editor software. Unlike many other maker tools which restrict users with a time limit or Watermark, the FilmoraGo gives unlimited time access without any Watermark. The App helps you create some stunning videos using clips and images. Those who are familiar with Editing tools for them it is no brainer how popular the software is for PC. You can create layers of media and impart effects. The FilmoraGo is simple to use and easy to understand the editor for creating some of the high-quality videos for YouTube. There is also an Android and iOS App which you can download.

Features of FilmoraGo

  • Preview clips in Real-time
  • Awesome template and effects
  • Inbuilt music and external music support.
  • Overlays & Filters
  • Play in reverse
  • Trim by Duration
  • Slow – Fast motion editor
  • Full functional Text & Titles
  • Mute, Rotate and merge
  • Simple UI and quick export

FilmoraGo (Free) | Windows and Mac

5. Camtasia

Camtasia is a complete professional bundle of editing tool with video layers, Audio Mixing, effects, VFX, Animation, Chroma green screen and all other features which you think is needed for a making a perfect YouTube video. You can record the screen and webcam to perform the further editing options. Camtasia is a very simple tool to understand and use. Camtasia also has some very intricate functionalities specifically for enhancing the YouTube content. Though the software is paid, the number of features and customer support offered is worth a buy.

Features of Camtasia

  • Simple to use
  • Multiple video layers
  • Audio Mixing
  • VFX, Chroma and Effects

Camtasia (Paid) | Windows and Mac

6. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a popular and powerful video editor App with video layer support. The application also has other popular video effects like slow motion, reverse video, background edit and more. The App supports Chroma Key giving you the power to create cinematic visual effects. The App comes with all basic editing features needed to make the best Videomaker App. You can create edits to your YouTube Videos with PowerDirector.

Features of Power Director

  • In-depth Audio editor
  • Combine picture and video in one movie
  • Chroma key for background editing
  • Video collage Effect
  •  PiP video overlay
  • Colour and Contrast Controls
  • Basic Editing abilities like trimming, splitting, merging etc
  • Video Layer Support
  • Audio Envelope and Volume control

PowerDirector (Free) | Android

7. Lightworks

Lightworks is a free to use video editing software suited for YouTube edits. Though considered a little advanced, you can create some cinematic VFX and effects for free. The Lightworks has a very simple UI with all the required tools and features. The lightworkers also house a plethora of royalty-free music and effects. You do not need to pay for any feature but the only thing you need to pay for is output format. If you are happy with 720p HD format video than you are good to go, but if you are in awe for 4K UHD format than you need to pay. The paid version also supports a number of other popular formats. On the editing front, you won’t be disappointed with the tools available.

Features of Lightworks

  • Free to use
  • 720p Support
  • Royalty-free content
  • Number of functionalities and features
  • Suited for YouTube Edits

Lightworks (Free) | Windows, Mac and Linux

9. OpenShot

OpenShot is a simple to use open-source Video Editor software for YouTube. If you are new to video editing than OpenShot is the best platform to start with. You get multiple layers of video, audio, image and text support. You can perform all the basic editing needed like, trim, animation, keyframes, Audio envelope, Time Lapse, 3D and more. An easy to use free editor for YouTube with the functionalities just enough to create a perfect YouTube Video as a creator.

Features of OpenShot

  • Open-source free
  • Free to use
  • Effects, Layers and more
  • Templates & subs, time control and more
  •  Audio mixing

OpenShot (Free) | Windows, Mac and Linux

Conclusion: With the software Apps above you can create great edits for your YouTube Videos with effects, VFX, annotations and more. If you are looking for a software to give the edge on the content you can try the Apps listed above. I hope the post was helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Best Video Player App for Android | Play Local Videos or Stream Online

Android is one of the most popular and powerful operating systems. Google Play Store hosts millions of useful Apps which can be downloaded and used instantly. Video Players is one such popular category of Apps which is always dominated by new Apps with all progressive features. Today in this post I will tell you some of the best Android Video Player Apps for Android.

The working of video players depends on the device, its power, RAM, processing power and playback support. High-quality videos (4K) cannot be played on Android with low specifications. Below are the top Apps to play videos on Android.

What are the Best Video Players for Android?

Here is the list of some of the best Apps to Play the Videos on Android supporting all the formats like MP4, WEBM, MKV, 4K, FLV, AVI, MOV, WMV etc

1. VLC for Android

VLC Media Player is popular open-source video and audio player which supports all the formats. The App can also stream online over protocols and URL servers. The player also has a audio play support with sound equalizer, playlist and all other features. One of the biggest upper hand of the VLC is it is completely Ad-Free with all the features for free.

VLC Player

Features of VLC:

  • Supports all the video formats.
  • Ad Free with no in-app purchases.
  • Also plays the role of full-fledged Audio Player.
  • Subtitle and multitrack audio support
  • Gesture control
  • Supports all the codecs, no need to download them separately.

Download VLC

2. MX Player

The list would be incomplete without the mention of popular MX Player. With over 500 million downloads the App is video player king on the Android system. The supports all the video formats and codecs can be downloaded in case if your device needs one. The App runs on Ads but given the capability of the App, the Ads just act as a recessive factor.

The App has a powerful hardware acceleration support which lets it function more smoothly with the help of device hardware rather than just relying on software. MX Player also has powerful gesture and pinch support to scroll and zoom respectively.

Features of MX Player:

  • Supports multi-core decoding which increases the performance of video playback.
  • Allows background video play, AB play, loop play etc.
  •  Supports a large number of subtitle formats with audio and subtitle equaliser
  • Simple and easy to use App.

Download MX Player

3. XPlayer | Video 4K, UHD Player

XPlayer is another video player with 4k video support. The App has all the codecs preinstalled so you do not need to work around with playback issues. The App supports hardware acceleration and gestures. You can keep your private videos away from rogue hands with special privacy settings of the App.

XPlayer is a simple yet powerful app if you wish to try any App other than the stock than I recommend you to go with XPlayer.


Features of XPlayer:

  • Pop-up Play supported!
  • Support split screen above Android 7.0.
  • Inbuilt codec and video play support.
  • Multi-playback option: auto-rotation, aspect-ratio, screen-lock etc.

Download XPlayer

4. Video Player All Formats

Video Player all formats is a simple yet beautifully designed Player App available on play store. The App supports all the formats and you can also use the App as an audio player. The App has some cool features which are generally lacked in popular video player Apps.

Features of Video Player all Formats:

  • The App has the capability of night mode.
  • Video Player has inbuilt music equaliser
  • Audio cutter for ringtones
  • Video Locker and subtitle support.
  • Music Player with all the basic features.

Download Video Player

5. Wondershare Player

Wondershare Player is an all-in-one Video Player & Video Discovery to “Discover latest videos to watch online & offline”, no need for other players or codecs. You can stream the local media or content from the remote server. The App supports all the online video streaming formats and audio codecs. You can even access the video on big screen with without any could upload with the help of  UPnP/DLNA control point.

Features of Wondershare Player:

  • Online video streaming
  • Play videos from local storage
  • Supports subtitle from various formats
  • Simple to use with clutter-free design
  • Remotely access the media from the local server.

Download Wondershare Player

6. BSPlayer

BSPlayer is another popular video player app for Android with hardware acceleration and multi-core video playback support which enhances the video play performance on mobiles and tablets. The App supports various different codecs but you need to download them separately which will be notified by the app in case needed. BS Player also supports USB host or OTG and will directly scan the external source for any available videos.

Features of BSPlayer:

  • Background play with the popup window
  • Download subtitle files online or embeds them externally to the video
  • Playlist and audio playback support
  • Multi-core and HW support.

Download BS Player

7. Kodi

Brotherhood Kodi

Kodi is an award-winning and most popular free open source media server software, previously known as XBMC, Kodi can be installed on streaming devices running on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows operating systems.

XBMC is a media player which organises a library of media. So usually you need to place your media into the library first and then you can access them on your device.

Generally, Kodi itself does not host any files but any 3rd user can create a repository file host. Kodi users can install the repository addon on their device and access entertainment at ease.

The App is the best place for watching TV shows, movies, sports programming, music, live TV, images and much more.

Download Kodi

8. Samsung Video Library

Video Player App by Samsung has a simple and clear layout which lets you browse and play video contents.
It provides a seamless user experience with some undeniably powerful features. Ability to view the content in List / Grid. Sort the videos according to Title, Time ascending and descending order.

Features of Samsung Video Lib:

  • Support pinch to zoom or multi-touch.
  • File Tag and video playback history.
  • Video Editing features
  • Video content can be made it private.

Download Samsung Video Lib

9. KMPlayer

KM Player is a popular video player App with some cool features and gesture support for speed control. The App supports floating Screen or pop-up window allowing Multi-tasking. KMPlayer supports all the subtitle formats with sync control. Playback Support which lets you control the speed of video play, slow down or Speed up any video. Gesture control with powerful codecs which supports all the audio files.

KMPlayer Download

10. GOM Player

GOM is a simple yet beautiful free player. The GOM is a popular software developer which also has other useful Application. And one such popular application is GOM Media Player. You can set the sleeper mode feature to stop the videos after a specified period of time.

Features of GOM Player:

  • GOM supports playing of non-encoded video files.
  • You can play 360-degree videos.
  • Intuitive and simple UI.
  • Manage videos with playlist and other options.
  • Ability to take the screenshot the video play.
  • Stop the video with Sleep feature

GOM Player Download

11. UC Browser

A browser by nature UC is an all in one multi-media App with features to download the videos and/or play the videos from local storage. The gesture controls and format support make it a very powerful utility tool. If you are running out of space and looking to reduce the load by uninstalling a few apps than UC alone can perform a couple of duties of a native app. You can play local videos and music without a need for a native app. UC Browser itself is a fast loading web tool which uses a server-side load compression technology.

Features of UC Browser

  • Built-in Video and Music Player
  • Gesture and Control
  • Support all popular formats
  • Video screen lock

UC Browser Download 

How to Fix Video Playback Errors on Android?

  • For video playback problem in the video player or WhatsApp videos, you can try to uninstall Google Plus updates.

Go to Settings>Apps/Application manager>Google Plus app>Uninstall Updates.

There is a weird relation between video playing and G+ app, most probably the G+ updates modify some system files causing the problem. Check for video file format and make sure it is with •(dot) extension.

  • For Android Lollipop and above users, if video playback and/or online streaming services like YouTube are causing issues. You can try this potential method, Go to Setting>About phone, tap 7 times on Build version to unlock developers option in setting

Scroll down in developers option until you see entry under media called Use AwesomePlayer (deprecated) and enable it. If it previously enabled disable it, reboot your device to check for the fix.

Fix Tik Tok App Errors on Android | Network & Sync Issues is a popular social media App for video sharing and live broadcast. The App lets you create videos up to a minute with sounds or music which you can lip sync. With over 100 million downloads, the App is extremely popular and has a large number of teenagers. But being a Software Application you can encounter some technical glitch.

The App has great appeal among the youth due to its nature and features. Today in this post I will tell you all the possible solutions to fix all the Errors on App for Android. Generally, on the users face issues like the server error, audio-video mismatch, App loading issues, lagging problems, login errors and other working errors.

How to Fix Tik Tok Error on Android?

Below I have given a complete detailed info on solutions to fix all the general issues on Musically App for Android. 

1. App not Working |  Not Loading | Server Errors

Solution 1. Clear Data and Cache

  • Go to Android Settings.
  • Here look for the option named Apps/Manage Apps
  • Open, Storage and Clear the Data and Cache of the App.
  • Again open the WhatsApp and Add your details. Done!   Clear App data and cache

Solution 2. Reset App Preferences

  1. Go to Settings of your Android device.
  2. Open Apps/Apps manager.
  3. Check for All Apps.
  4. Tap on the menu icon.
  5. Click on Reset App Preferences’.

2. Tik Tok Network Issues

Solution 1. Grant Permissions to the App

This is another common issue faced with the App

  1. First, check the internet connectivity sound.
  2. Go to Android Settings.
  3. Here look for the option named Apps/Manage Apps
  4. Open and under Permissions Grant all the Permissions to the App. Done!

Solution 2. Delete cache of WhatsApp

  • Go to Android Settings.
  • Here look for the option named Apps/Manage Apps
  • Open the App, Storage and Clear Cache of the App.

3. TikTok Login Issues

Solution 1. Type Username and Password Correctly

Suppose if your account name is @DB_blog make sure you type the name, DB_blog and then type your password correctly. The issue will be solved.

Solution 2. Clear Play Services Cache

Google Services Framework syncs your data and stores device data. It also helps in proper functioning of the system and installed apps.

  • Go to Settings > Application Manager > All > Google Services Framework > Tap on “Force stop” & tap then tap on “Clear cache” button
  • Reboot your device.

4. Camera Lagging Issues Fix

To fix the camera lagging issues the best solution is to turn OFF any mode of recording like beauty mode and record the video with normal camera mode. After the video is generated you can add the filters to it, This is found to be the best solution as many device cameras may not take the App filters smoothly.

5. Tik Tok Stopped | Not Responding | Force Closes

Reboot the device once and update the App. If the issue is not resolved follow the solutions below.

Solution 1. Switch Android User

  • Pull down the notification bar and here tap on the user account (right-top). Switch to the Guest user, you can also find the option under Android Settings.
  • Download the App
  • Log in and check if the App is working normally. If so than some other Apps or device storage is the culprit.

Solution 2. Keep Free Space

Many Apps require free RAM and memory for its normal functioning and is one such. So, make sure no other ‘heavy’ App is running in the background along with Musically. Keep a good amount of free space in the device.

6. Followers Not Showing | No Likes

Sometimes it may take time for TikTok servers to show up the updated data. In this case, you can wait for a few hours before the data is updated. Also, if the issue continues then I recommend you to check your account in the lite version of the app. The lite version of the app may get the changes quickly.

Conclusion – With the above solutions you can fix all the major issues with the App on Android. If you have any other issues or suggestions, do comment below. We are here to assist you.

KineMaster Mod APK Download No Watermark (Fully Unlocked)

Kinemaster Mod is a Fully Unlocked Video Editor App for Android without Watermark. Download KineMaster Mod V5 Apk for Android with all features unlocked and No Watermark. Kinemaster is a very powerful tool for Video editing on Android. Like other Apps for Android, the KineMaster Pro App also has a drawback for its free version. The free KineMaster has the watermark on its project. Also, few of the features on the free KineMaster are not available until to pay a good chunk of money. Kinemaster is developed by NexStreaming Corp.

For professionals and amateurs alike, KineMaster Mod APK offers some pro-level of control on the editing process over the mobile. You can do dazzling edits, motions and animations on your Android Smartphones which where prior capable only on big editing tools on PC. Get all the Premium options without Watermark for enhancing the media with this App without paying any penny.

Today in this post I will provide you with a KineMaster Modded APK for your Android with the features fully unlocked and updated. We do not endorse the App nor are we affiliated with it in any form. This post and the download link are for personal use only. Kinemaster is the best mobile alternative to the high-end computer editors. It does all the editing and mixing which you can expect from the computer software.

Note: I am not the developer of the App. I have only hosted the download links from globally available resources.

What is KineMaster Mod?

KineMaster Mod is a full-unlocked professional video editor for Android, supporting multi-layers of video, images, and text with state of the art cutting and trimming, you can have multi-track audio, volume envelope control, 3D transitions, Chroma key, etc without any Watermark.

Features of Mod KineMaster

  • Multiple layers of video, images, stickers, text, handwriting video clips
  • Frame-by-frame trimming, splicing, and slicing
  • No WaterMark
  • Support All versions
  • Instant preview anytime
  • Hue, brightness and saturation controls
  • Speed control for video clips
  • Fade in/fade out sound (overall)
  • Volume envelope (Precise volume control from moment to moment within a clip)
  • Transition effects (3D transitions, wipes, fades, and more)
  • A variety of themes, animations, and visual and audio effects
  • Chroma Key Feature 
  • Supports all the video formats.
  • Automatically optimize the unsupported videos.
  • Share on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and more

KineMaster Pro Mod APK is Safe to Download

The App is not forked or coded but is actually a paid version which is hosted on the site, so there is no means of any 3rd party trackers or malware which could harness your privacy. The file has been scanned using various anti-virus Apps like Shield, Norton, Avast, and AVG. The file is also tested on the emulator and TurstGo Ad Detector App for any malicious nature. And from our test, we can assure you that the App is Safe to Download. To download latest versions click the link below.

Go to Download Page

[Note] – Other Variants and old versions of the App are available below.

How to Download KineMaster Mod?

Here are the simple steps to download and install KineMaster Mod APK Pro.

  1. Enable Unknown Sources.
  2. Download the file from the download links available.
  3. Locate the file and install the App on your device.
  4. Open the App, make all the necessary settings if prompted on the screen. Done! Enjoy KM for free.

Enable Unknown Sources to Install the Mod

  1. Go to Settings on your Android device.
  2. Here click on the option named Security.
  3. Here, under Device administrator look for Unknown Sources.
  4. Turn ON the Unkown Sources.

Disable Background Data of Kinemaster Mod (Optional)

The App may not function on some devices based on device configuration and OS if the app has data access in the background. So, I recommend you to restrict the Background data or else Turn Off the mobile data while using the Mod App on all the Variants like V3, V5, V6, V7, and V8.

Step 1. Download and install the Mod Apk.

Step 2. Go to Settings on your device and under Apps/All Apps or Manage Apps look for KM App.

Step 3. Open the App and click on the option named “Data Usage”.

Step 4. Now here enable “Restrict Background Data”. You are done Cheers!!

KineMaster Diamond APK

  • Removed Watermark
  • Blue Theme
  • Unlocked Premium Assets On Store
  • Supports all Kinds of Layers
  • Chroma Key Enabled
  • Maximum Video Resolution Increased

Download KineMaster Diamond

Download Kinemaster Mod V3 (Unlocked Chroma Key)

»You can even download Kinemaster Mod V3 Apk for Android but make sure to Turn Off Data each time you use the App.

You can use NoRoot Firewall App from Google Play Store to Restrict data.

»Chroma Key gives access to the green screen in the background which can assist in creating cinematic VFX effects. It gives a complete offering and acts as full-fledge computer software.

Download Kinemaster Mod V3 Chrome Key – Direct Download [link 1]

»You can also download the Unlocked version of the App with Chroma Key and Video Layer features embedded in one. But make sure that you have a high-end smartphone for the Smooth running of the App.

Download KineMaster Unlocked Chroma Key [Link 2]

Kinemaster Lite APK

Kinemaster lite is a lightweight version of KM App. The original App is App and consumes a lot of device resources and battery. If you are running on a low-end Android Device then the KM App may not be able to smoothly run as the Low RAM and Processing Speeds may hamper the performance. Therefore there is also a Mod version with all features unlocked called KineMaster Lite.

The App is a fat cut version of the KM App and has all the major features like No-Watermark, Multi-layer, Choma Key, 3D effects, wipe effects, fade effects etc. You can download the file from the link below. Being lightweight the consumes storage, less RAM, minimum battery and storage space.

Download KineMaster Lite (20MB)

KineMaster Prime APK

Kinemaster prime is a premium supporting substitute of the original KM which is equipped with all the features. The Prime is like the Paid sub-version of the App. You need to first download the KM from play store and then install prime APK to give full access to the original KM App.

Download Kinemaster Prime (20MB)

KineMaster V8 Mod APK

Kinemaster Mod V8 is the most advanced version of MOD with fully unlocked features. Mod 8 hosts all the features including chroma key, multi-layer sound envelope, clipart, trims and cuts. The KM V8 is the latest version and you do not need to pay for this version. The app is similar to the one we get for pay with access to all the unlocked features of the App for free without any watermark.

Download KM Mod V8

KineMaster Lite Chroma Key

KineMaster Lite Prime is a lite variant of the Kinemaster with Chroma Key which lets you edit the images and videos with a green screen. This Chroma key will give you the option to add deep VFX effects to your videos and images. KM Prime Lite is the best addon to be used with KM app. The KM Chroma App needs to be installed along the original KM App so that the addon will be added to the editor App.

KineMaster Chroma Key Prime Mod

How to Install KineMaster Mod on PC?

Though there is no standalone Kinemaster App for PC. But you can install the KM on your Windows and Mac PC. I will tell you how you can install Kinemaster Mod on your system.

Read – How to Install Kinemaster on PC?

Here are Simple Steps to Download and Install Kinemaster Mod on PC for Windows and Mac.

  1. Download Emulator on your PC.
  2. Install the Emulator, it will simulate an Android phone.
  3. Now get the Kinemaster Mod from the links above.
  4. Install KineMaster Mod on the Emulator
  5. Open the App make necessary settings if prompted on screen. Done!

You can use KM app on the computer to create great edits.

Go to Download Page

Trouble Shoot Problems on Kinemaster Mod

If you are facing issues with the App then below are few potential solutions to fix all the related problems on your KM Mod App.

Error Exporting On Android

  • Update the app to the latest version by going to download page above.
  • Don’t use any screen recorder during the process of export, video encoder of screen recorders may cause complication with the KM.
  • KM works on hardware video encoder and using any other may cause the process to fail.

Fix “Codec Init Failed Error”

This error may occur due it incorrect detection of device resolution, hardware compatibility and software performance. You can fix this by following steps.

  1. Reboot the device.
  2. Open KM
  3. Tap on the Settings option. (Gear Shaped)
  4. Here open Device Capability Information.
  5. Tap the menu indicated by 3 dots () in the upper-right corner.
  6. Choose Hardware Performance Analysis to run the analysis (This may take up to 5 Minutes)
  7. Then reboot the device again.

OGYouTube Download

OgYoutube is one of best YouTube downloader which allows you to download your favorite videos in HD or lower quality as per your convenience. You can even download mp3 files using OgYoutube. You can download unlimited videos and even save it offline as same as Youtube app. You can use OgYoutube as the music player which will stream your videos in the background and many additional features will make you wow. This OgYoutube, Which is Youtube Modded Version is very useful app. If you love to downloading videos with your Wi-Fi or Mobile data then this app is for you. A Very interesting features is available in this app which is download HD videos/movies which is very interesting.

OGYouTube Download

Let’s see some interesting feature of OgYoutube which make OgYoutube awesome. I will show the features with their screenshot(ss). This app is one of the best app ever for any Android Device. If you are using YouTube on your Device too much, then you can simply use this OGYouTube apk on your Device and enjoy it’s great features like background music playing and much more. I Have explained some of the top features of this OGYouTube app, which you can enjoy on your Android device right now without any issues. So let’s take a look at it right now from below.

Download OG YouTube Latest Version Apk For Android

Download OGYouTube (Normal Devices)

Download OGYouTube (Rooted Devices)

MicroG for OGYouTube

Note – you have to download Microg app for Sign in into this ogyoutube app with your Google account. Without this app, you can sign in with ogyoutube. So you must install this app.

How to Install OGYouTube Apk On Android

Want to know how can you install Og YouTube APK on your phone? Simply check below steps to know it.

  • Make sure you have Enabled UNKNOWN SOURCE option from Settings. For Enable It, go to >> setting >> security >> click on unknown sources.
  • At First, Install Microg apk for Google Account Sign-In fix for OgYoutube App.

Note: Without Microg for OGYT, You will not be able to sign-in with your Gmail Account.

  • Once Microg OGYT completely installed on your Android Device, Now you have to install OgYoutube. Click on OGyouTube apk and click on Install Button. Then Simply wait until installation process gets completed.
  • Once Installation finish, then click on Open OgYoutube app.
  • After Open This OGYouTube app, you will see the screen like below Screenshot. You Will See an option to update YouTube app, Simply Click on Later Button, and Don’t Update this app.
  • After done This process,  you will see Main Screen of this OGYouTube apk. It might not be same because the videos on YouTube keeps on updating:-P
  • Boom !!!!! Now to have successfully installed OgYoutube on your Android Device, Simply Start downloading Videos now from this apk.

If you don’t know how to download videos from OgYoutube then don’t worry, Just follow the steps given below for know more about it.

I’m even going to show how to play the given video in background.

How To Download Videos From OgYoutube

After download and install OGYouTube app on your device, if you still don’t know about how can you download OGYouTube app on your Android device, then simply follow below easy steps for know more about it.

  • Make sure you have installed Microg for OGYT and OgYoutube application from above Steps.
  • First, open OgYoutube by clicking OgYoutube application from your App Drawer.
  • Now you will see the Main Screen of this app.
  • On that Home Page on top-left, you will see search button or option from that you can see the search button. Click on that, after that you have to type whatever videos you have to download from YouTube.
  • Once you found the video which you have to download, click on that video then the video will start streaming.
  • Now just below that streaming video you can see Download option click on that Download Option & select which video quality you want to download from 144p to 1080p.
  • Once the quality of the video is selected now, you have select audio quality. Once that done then click on Download option.
  • And now OgYoutube has started your video download.
  • OgYoutube Downloads can be managed by clicking on the download process from notifications panel. It will direct take you to OgYoutube Downloads. Or you can also goto app drawer and select app called Downloads with ogyoutube icon for manage downloads of this app.

How To Play OgYoutube Video In Background

Sometimes it doesn’t run videos in the background because background feature might not be enabled in this app. So Simply Follow below steps for know more about how to enable background feature.

  1. On top-left you see dotted lines click now click on Setting.
  2. Now you will see the list of options from that list of options click on Downloads option.
  1. Now search for any video and click on it will start streaming now just click BACKGROUND option below the video.
  1. Now It will start playing that video on background. It’s very amazing feature of OgYoutube..
  2. It can even play the youtube videos in the background even when the screen is locked.
  3. It will not run in the background if you click on the home button of your phone directly. If you want to play the video to work automatically in the background when you click on the home button, then you have to enable AUTO SWITCH TO BACKGROUND option from Settings.

Features of OG YouTube apk

  • Video downloading: You can download any video which is available on YouTube. Download the video in the quality you want from 144p to 1080p HD and even download mp3 or audio file of videos which you are streaming.
  • Background Video Player : OgYoutube allows you to play YouTube video in the background as a music player which is the very cool feature of OgYoutube. Which video you want to play in background, Open That Video and then just click background option near Download Button. Video player feature will even work when your screen is locked which is very cool feature.
  • Privacy Features : You can clear recent watched videos history even clear recent searched history, pause history which will stop creating history, Pause search history which will stop creating the history of search whatever you search on. This OgYoutube feature is very useful:-P

and much more features are available on this app, simply download this on your Device and know more about that.

As you saw some features of OgYoutube. Now Let’s Download This From Below and also don’t forget to checkout the steps of the installation procedure.

OgYoutube is an amazing YouTube Video Downloader Or YouTube Modded Version it has amazing features which are very useful and easy to use. If you have unlimited data plan and heavy user Downloader then this YouTube Modded app for you which will help you to download it free of cost without any restrictions. You can enjoy this app on your Andorid device now.

Final Words :

In this post, We have Discussed about How to install YouTube Modded app i.e Og Youtube which has amazing features without any premium subscription or additional charges which is very good thing about OgYoutube. OgYoutube has excellent features allows you to download video quality from 144p to 1080p HD . It’s works same as Youtube it even allows to download offline videos even. It also allows you to download only audio file of the video.It also

How To Install Dolby Atmos On Any Android

Dolby Atmos Apk Latest Version for Android is shared in this article. All those who are searching here and there for the same will get their desired results on this page.  Many people want to experience amazing sound on their Android phone using Dolby Atmos. But, this amazing app doesn’t come with all Android devices. Still, you can install it on your desired phone through some tweaks. So, we going to cover all about How to Install Dolby Atmos on Android?. Our main reason behind this article is making you able to download Dolby Atmos Zip File as well as Apk for your smartphone.

Unfortunately, Dolby Atmos Apk is not available in the Google Play Store. That’s why what I found on Google that many people searching for queries like Dolby Atmos for Android without root, Dolby Atmos Zip file free download, and How to install Dolby Atmos on android without Root, etc… So, I planned to share all these queries in a single article and this article is all about!! If you are using an Android device and unable to use Dolby Atmos on your Android phone, then this tutorial is especially for you. We all love to listen to music. Every Android phone has a default Music player which is pretty cool. But one of the main problems of using stock music player is, it doesn’t have a quality voice and w can’t listen to songs according to our wish.

Maybe you know that Dolby Atmos Audio Apk is not available for all Android devices. Instead, it is a default Application only for some phones. But, this doesn’t mean, you can’t install it on your one. Well, you have to go through a little process for installing Dolby Audio Apk on your smartphone. Lots of music lovers want to know, How to Install Dolby Atmos on any Android? As it is not available for all devices by default. If you are looking for the same then let you know, I am going to provide you with a full guide to download Dolby Atmos Apk without root and install it on any Android device. I will provide you Dolby Atmos Installer Zip file also throughout this article. Why? Because that file is the only thing which can run this App on your device. So, first, you have to flash that Zip file using custom recovery mode.

I think you have already searched a lot on the internet about How to install/uninstall Dolby Atmos in Android phones, but if you were not found any working tutorial and maybe they haven’t provided an easy explanation in their article then don’t worry. This article is fulfilled with your each and every query in which I will cover How to Install Dolby Atmos Audio App on Android devices running 4.3+ Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow & Nougat. Don’t worry as it is a very simple task.  All you need is a little knowledge about Android, nothing else. Also, I am going to describe you deeply so that you can understand each step easily.

Many people want to learn How to Install Dolby Atmos on Android? If you are fond of Music, I am sure you want to listen to music with equalizer then Dolby is best for you, but it doesn’t work on every phone. So, In this tutorial, I will show you How to install Dolby Atmos on Android device which you have. You will also love Spotify Premium Apk & YoWhatsApp which we have provided for free. As I have checked lots of people are looking for the way to get Dobly Atmos Audio on any Android but they will not get satisfied when they are unable to find any working solution for it.

What is Dolby Atmos?

Contents [show]

Dolby Atmos provides space surround musical experience. You will feel music across three-dimensional spaces. This system is used in theatres and home for better-surrounded music. Ever experienced 3D sound in cinema halls? That all happens because of Dolby Atmos. Most of the famous theatres use Dolby Audio System in their speakers. It makes sound awesome and people love to watch movies in those cinemas.

If a question appears in your mind that Why to Download Dolby Atmos Apk? The simple answer is that it is the best Sound manager for Speakers. It has an awesome equalizer which can help you to experience an amazing sound through your speakers. People love it to hear 3D surrounded music in their homes.

Dolby Atmos Download For Android

Dolby Atmos Apk + Installer Zip  

   Dolby Atmos Apk

How to Install Dolby Atmos on Android Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow & Nougat?

Some Android users have inbuilt Dolby Atmos App on their device, but this is not a shocking feature because it’s the default app for many Phones. Those mobiles don’t need any tutorial or trick to install Dolby Atmos on Android. But, if you have any other device which doesn’t support Dobly Atmos Apk, then you can easily get Dolby Atmos on your Android with a simple trick which I am going to describe in this article. Don’t worry, it’s not a hard or long process. Even according to me it will take just 5 minutes to complete your wish. Some people think it needed a rooted phone or something like this, but NO there is no requirement to do such things. Here you will know How to run Dolby Atmos Equalizer Apk on any Android version running on Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow or Nougat.

Dolby Atmos 2019

How to Install Dolby Atmos on Android

You might start getting many issues regarding Music, the voice on your phone while listening to songs in any Music player. Many people try different types of Best Music Players Apps from Google play store, but no one of them is much useful. They don’t satisfy you fully. Every person has a different type of view to listen to Songs. Some love Music with high Bass, while some love normal songs. So, for this purpose, you must install Dolby Atmos on Android on your device.

Well, according to me, the Android phone’s default media player is designed for satisfying to normal person’s needs. It shows equality for every user. You can’t able to increase, Bass, Treble or anything in your song using that app. But there are hundreds of other applications available for Android phone, which allows you to set your Music voice according to your need.

Dolby Atmos Apk Download

One of the best apps for Music lovers is Dolby Atmos Apk. You can hear your songs according to your need using this application. It’s a free app, but its installation process is not much easier. According to me, it’s a simple task, and I am sure after reading this full guide, you can also repeat the same words :-p . Let you know, Dolby Atmos is the default app for some Android devices of Lenovo and other mobile phones of Amazon company. But you can also enjoy this awesome app on your Android mobile. By following this simple guide, you are able to Install and use Dolby Atmos on any Android phone.

All you need is an Android phone, no matter it’s rooted or non-rooted. If you want to root your Android, here is the guide for you: How to root Android without PC. Don’t worry rooting is a simple process, and there are many advantages to it. Well, also there are a few disadvantages also, but not more than benefits. Let’s come to the point and learn how to install Dolby Atmos on Android device. The method is similar to all Android phones so there is no need to ask any question that will it work on your mobile or not and all. Simply follow our guide and enjoy Dolby Atmos Apk no root on your device. You may also like out the tutorial, How to replace Kinguser with Superuser.

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Some people ask why Dolby Atmos audio app is useful. Let me describe some features of Dolby Atmos Apk:

Dolby Atmos Latest Version Apk (Features)

Here are some advantages of using Dolby Atmos on your Android phone. As I already told in the above section, it’s the best application for music lovers to listen to your recommended song with full satisfaction. Let me describe its benefits point wise:

  • You can equalize music according to your need.
  • Enjoy High-Quality voice on your Android.
  • Best and Simplest app with a super interface.
  • Available without any cost.

These were some advantages of using Dolby Atmos on your mobile. You will find more after installing it on your device, so I don’t need to explain more about it.

Version Info

App NameDolby AtmosLast Updated On23 December 2018Version1.6App Size7.4 MBAndroid Version Requires4.0 and upperTotal Downloads3,000,

Download Dolby Atmos Apk Latest Version For Android

Finally, the wait is over. Now, it’s time to share the download link with you. Many websites have shared Dolby Atmos Apk for Android but most of them are not updating their article. New versions are getting released but they haven’t updated any of them. That’s what makes their readers irritated. But, we care. So, we are updating our download link with the newer version whenever any new version gets released by the developer. Here is the download link for Dolby Atmos Zip File as well as Zip File.

Dolby Atmos Apk

   Dolby Atmos Apk

Dolby Atmos Zip File Download

   Dolby Atmos Zip

Dolby Uninstaller Zip

   Dolby Uninstaller Zip

So, I hope you are now able to download Dolby Atmos Apk + Dolby Installer Zip File for your Android. In case, you are facing any kind of issue, feel free to comment below. We will surely help you. Well, don’t worry as we keep our eye on the download links so whenever we found anything wrong with them, we will fix it. Now, it’s your time to experience the real surrounded sounded using Dolby Equalizer.

Dolby Atmos Apk without Root?

As many people don’t want to root their phone just for installing any App on their Android. Right? If you are one of those then let you know, there is NO NEED TO ROOT your phone for installing Dolby Atmos on it. But, make sure you have installed any custom recovery on it like TWRP. Why? Because you have to flash Dolby Installer Zip file. Without flashing it, you are unable to enjoy this amazing Audio app on your mobile.  Don’t worry about how to do this all, as I am going to share a step by step guide, below in this article.

Let you know for some basic requirements for installing Dolby Atmos Apk on your Android.

Requirements To Use Dolby Atmos On Any Android

You must have to follow some basic requirements to install Dolby Atmos on Android mobile. Well, there is nothing special need, so don’t worry about this section.

  • Dolby Installer Zip File
  • Dolby Atmos Apk
  • Custom Recovery Mode (eg: CWM/TWRP,etc.)
  • Patience, and nothing much  .

So these are the things, you need to use Dolby Atmos on your Android. Well, I don’t think there is anything special in this list. Now, you are ready to follow the main steps of this tutorial. Just make sure you have completed all the requirements then proceed to the next section i.e steps to install this file on your smartphone. Also, check out the tutorial to install Xposed Framework on Android Marshmallow.

How To Install Dolby Atmos Audio Apk On Non-Rooted Android?

Guys, I hope you already have looked the requirements section. If still not, then first scroll up and check out the requirements and then follow the steps given below. You aren’t able to install Dolby Atmos on Android without these things, you must know for this guide. So, now if you are ready, let follow the main part step by step.

1) First of all download Dolby Atmos Installer Zip file on your device from here:-

Dolby Atmos Installer Zip Download

Download Now

2) Put this Zip file on your Phone memory or on SD card, no matters.

3) Switch off your Android and wait for sometime.

4) Now, boot your device into the Recovery Mode, by pressing Power + Volume Up + Home Button.

Every Android have a different method to open Recovery mode, so I suggest you to search on Google about your device.

5) Now click on Install from options.Dolby Atmos for Android without root

6) Search and select downloaded Zip file to install Dolby Atmos on your device.Dolby Atmos Zip File Free Download

7) Let the recovery flash that files on your phone, so just wait for few seconds until it completes the process.

8) Now, Reboot your device to successfully install Dolby Atmos on your phone.How to Install Dolby Atmos on Android without Root

That’s it, guys. So it isn’t an easy process for installing Dolby Atmos on Android phone? I hope your answer is Yes. This is the easiest and best way for using this app on your mobile. Now, it’s completely installed on your device and you can check out Sound quality using this.

How To Install Dolby Atmos On Rooted Android?

In the previous section, we have shared how you can install Dolby Atmos on Non-Rooted android devices. But, many Android geeks have rooted their smartphone. So, how they can install this app on their device? This question appears in their mind. So, it’s time to share a step by step guide for all rooted Android owners. No need to worry, it is simple same as like non-rooted devices. But, first, check out requirements.

Video Tutorial: How To Install Dolby Atmos On Any Android

Let me ask, you have you got the tutorial? Well, I am asking because many people get confused in flashing Zip file using Recovery mode. Maybe you too faced the same. But don’t worry if you have any confusion in any steps, I am found this video method on YouTube which has described the same procedure. Have a look at this amazing video to install Dolby Atmos on any Android.

Requirements To Install Dolby On Rooted Phone

Same as, like non-rooted device, you need some requirements in rooted devices too. So, here is the list of all the required things. These are the only requirements, if your device is ready with all the mentioned things, you are ready to go. Well, don’t worry, there is nothing special in this list. Have a look:

  • Rooted Android Phone (As we are talking about Rooted Devices)
  • Custom Recovery Mode (Like TWRP)
  • Dolby Atmos Apk (Download Link Shared in Above Section)
  • Dolby Installer Zip File (Link Shared in Above Section)
  • Patience (Of Course, it’s important!)

Mentioned things are so important to complete this task. If your device qualifies, you can easily install it on your phone. Now, let me share the main steps to install Dolby on your smartphone.

Steps To Install Dolby Atmos Audio On Android (Rooted)

The first thing I want to tell you, these steps are same as we followed for non-rooted devices. But, many people ask a method for rooted phone. So, this section is just to clear their confusion. If you have pre-installed CUstom Recovery, you can install it on your own.  If you have no idea of this, have a look at the steps given below.

1) First of all, make sure you have downloaded Doby Audio Apk as well as Dolby Installer Zip from the above section.

2) Make sure, you remember where you saved the downloaded files in your storage.

3) Now, switch off your smartphone and reboot it in the Recovery Mode.

4) In the recovery mode, simply tap on “Install” option.

5) Look for the Dolby Installer Zip file which you have downloaded in starting and install it.

6) After successful installation, wipe the Cashe and Dalvik Cache Files.

7) Now, Reboot the phone normally.

8) On successful rebooting, install Dolby Atmos APK you have downloaded and you are done.

That’s it. It there anything hard in these steps? These are the normal steps which can be followed by anybody. If you are a Tech Lover guy then there was no need to check out the steps. You can do it on your own. Still, many people have no knowledge of this. So, we tried our best to share steps in the easiest way. I hope you have successfully installed the app on your phone. 

The major problem people face is that most of them have no idea of Custom Recovery. They don’t know, how to install TWRP. So, for such people, let us share another method in which you don’t need Custom Recovery.

GBWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 2019 (Updated)

GBWhatsApp apk: Hey, Fellas! If you have an Android device. You might have installed WhatsApp on your Android device. As being the popular messaging application, everyone might have installed WhatsApp on your device. Today I am going to tell about GBWhatsApp. Most of the users might have heard about this app and most of them have not. In today’s article we are going to clear up some of the features of GBWhatsApp and how can you install on your Android device. You can enjoy this awesome mod of whatsapp app no your Android device from below. We have provided direct download link for the Gb WhatsApp below.

There are many mods available of WhatsApp on the internet, but the best support which we can get is about GBWhatsApp. Why? Just because of its popularity and it’s best features. GBWhatsApp always put the update, and you can download it from his site, or you can bookmark our blog page and get the latest update of GBWhatsApp. Isn’t it quite amazing? This App is being regularly updated by the Developer of this app, So you can also enjoy this app on your device in the long term without having any issues at all. Also have a look at whatsapp tricks for know more cool WhatsApp tips and tricks for your Android device.

Note :- This is AntiBan Version. If your account was banned, Take backup & Uninstall GBWhatsApp. Then Install & Restore backups. Your Account will not get ban again.

Important Note :- GBWhatsApp is no longer working, So you can download FMWhatsApp com.gbwhatsapp version, So you can replace it with GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp Download GbwhatsApp apk download latest version

GBWhatsApp Latest Versions 2019 (Info)

Version Name8.0App Size54.6 MBRequires AndroidAndroid 4.0+App NameGBWhatsAppRoot Required?NoMain TaskBased on WhatsApp With Extra Hidden Features

GBWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version (Installation Guide)

How to download and use gbwhatsapp latest version apk on any Android device, let’s have a look at the step by step tutorial now from below. Also have a look at How to Hide last seen, Online Status from GBWhatsapp apk. So checkout how to Download and use GBWhatsapp apk, now from below link. And also check out how to install gbwhatsapp via step by step instructions from below. Don’t forget to check how to install gbwhatsapp without lose chats.

GBWhatsapp Download

  • Firstly click on settings and click on Settings — Security — Unknown Sources
  • After enabling unknown sources Install the application on your Android Device.

gbwhatsapp apk latest version

  • Open the application and enter your mobile number in it, like below screenshot.

gbwhatsapp apk

  • Now After entering your Phone Number, GBWhatsapp Will verify your number Via OTP Code Automatically. After that, Your GBWhatsapp is ready to use on your Device.

gbwhatsapp download apk latest

Features of GBWhatsapp Apk In Latest Version

Below, I have mentioned Some of the Best / Top Features of GBWhatsapp APK, Which you can Install and use on your Android Device, and Enjoy Below available features. With this app, you will get many great features like Hiding Last Seen, Hide Second Tick, Hide Blue Tick, etc. and much more. Easily gbwhatsapp free download apk now in your device and enjoy it. You can also install Custom Themes in This app, or you can also customize this app according to your choice. Have a look at it now from below.

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  • Based on the latest version of WhatsApp 2.19.17.
  • Anti Ban – Your Account will not ban now. If your account was banned, take backup & uninstall this app. Then install again.
  • You can send private reply in groups.
  • Add stickers from third-party apps.
  • Added new fonts, launcher icons.
  • Sort WhatsApp messages by oldest/newest.
  • Increased pin chats limit to 30.
  • ENABLED Swipe to reply, Group Calling.
  • Enabled Stickers.
  • Forward messages to anyone without forward tag.
  • Enabled forward limit for Indian users.
  • Know history of revoked messages from contacts/groups profile.
  • Change media visibility of specific contacts in gallery.
  • Mark as read message from notification.
  • You can select all chats at once from home screen of this app.
  • Enabled locked voice recording for send long voice messages without keep touching voice icon.
  • Get notifications of revoked messages other person don’t want to see them.
  • You can play WhatsApp videos with your favourite music player.
  • Now you can read Group description in header like normal status.
  • Added Payment option – Pay to your friends via your bank account.
  • Added mention option to mention someone’s name in group.
  • Auto reply feature – when you are busy, set auto reply message. Also you can now exclude groups or contacts from auto reply.
  • Added several groups features.
  • Added New Emojis Support.
  • You Can Enable DND mode in WhatsApp, which will disable Internet in GBWhatsApp.
  • Send Text Message Broadcast to groups.
  • You can filter messages while clear chat.
  • Anti-Revoke messages.
  • Enabled Live Locations for share live location with your friends.
  • Add Effects in Images/Videos while sending.
  • Revoke Multiple WhatsApp messages at once.
  • Send upto 100 Documents at once instead of 30.
  • New Emojis and GIF search added.
  • Make Calls to non-contact numbers.
  • Media auto download for specific group/contacts only.
  • Message Scheduler Inbuilt – Now you can schedule WhatsApp messages from this app.
  • Hide View Status Privacy.
  • Added option for hide chats, save status/story.
  • New Emojis Added.
  • Video Calling Feature is now working.
  • Send Videos Upto 50 MB.
  • Set Group name upto 35 characters.
  • Fixed Various Bugs while sending videos.
  • You hide your last seen, Blue ticks, Second tick, typing a message and much more.
  • You can also copy other people status on your clipboard.
  • You can send the broadcast message up to 600 people at once.
  • You can put status of 255 characters instead of 139 characters without any issues
  • About 100+ language supports
  • Change theme easily by going into theme option
  • Mod to stay online for 24 hours (consume more battery)
  • Can be installed along with original WhatsApp without clashing
  • No ban issues
  • Create your WhatsApp theme and submit it to GBWhatsApp
  • Send images up to 90 in one click instead of 10 images
  • Press links without saving the admin and contact numbers on WhatsApp group and contact number
  • Ability to copy selected text of WhatsApp
  • You can also add lock on your WhatsApp without any third party software
  • You can also change the application icon and notification icon.

And much more features are available in This GBWhatsApp, you can download this app now on your device, and enjoy its features. Download The Latest Version of This app now from below available direct download link. Also have a look at WhatsApp Plus app.

What’s New in GBWhatsApp 8.0 Version

Permissions Required

Kill Background TasksInternet AccessAccess Device LocationAccess WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFCGet AccountsRead ContactsModify Audio SettingsRecord AudioSend SMSVibrateWrite ContactsWrite External StorageUse Maps Services

GBWhatsapp update Apk Download

Check out How can you download and use this GBWhatsapp apk in your Android device right now, via below video. Just gbwhatsapp download for Android from the link above in this post, then Just click on the video from below, and it will guide you about how to use this apk in your Android device right now. Just watch this video, and you will get the idea about how to download and use this gbwhatsapp apk on your device right now for free and enjoy it. Don’t forget to check freedom apk for your phone. gbwhatsapp app apk download

Now a guy named as Omar has posted many mods on his site and all those applications are working superbly. At the same place with this mod of WhatsApp, you can install dual WhatsApp on your Android device. Means one is original WhatsApp and the other one is GBWhatsApp. You won’t get any ban issues, and you can run this WhatsApp easily by installing the same way you install any Android application. Also have a look at best youtube video downloader which is ogyoutube app, you can try it out on your Android Device. Along with this you can download and install thousands of themes available on GBWhatsApp plus download and at the same time you can also create your own theme and run on your WhatsApp.

Final Words

If you are looking for gbwhatsapp iphone or gbwhatsapp for iphone free download,  then you might be disappointed, but gbwhatsapp for iPhone is not available at the movement. There are some super cool gbwhatsapp themes available for Android devices, which you can use on your Android device, for get fresh look in the app easily.

Asphalt Nitro Latest Mod APK Download for Android

We all fond of games on our smartphone and we are always in excitement to play first the new game recently launched in the gaming world. There are many genre of games like strategy, fighting, quest, adventure but the most famous among is the racing games which have been there since the trends of arcades was new. And when it comes racing games we always want some realistic experience to ourselves to get the better feel of the game. Asphalt is one of the most eye catching game available to us since a long time. It developers gameloft have never left us unsatisfied when it comes to the launching of the the newer version of games with new series of cars and stories to give best experience of the technology they can. Asphalt nitro mod is the latest edition to the series of the Asphalt since a very long time.

The latest Asphalt Nitro have many cool newer modes and vehicle to choose from. With a wide list of countries around the globe from which you can choose tracks for racing like get set go. Some older features like police chasing modes and many more have also been revived from the previous version to let your experience for this be similar to the previous versions. But we all known that the limitation of a good games sometimes irritates and let our expectation download. Asphalt nitro is also available on Google play store, you can also download this game from there. Like in Asphalt Nitro there are many in app purchase add-ons which makes the experience of full satisfaction be partial all the time.

Download Asphalt Nitro Mod

So, to deal with such problem all you need to is down install the apk version of the application which have unlocked all the in-app purchases, in order to get the complete satisfaction of the game. Here in this article we will be discussion all the information related to the Asphalt Nitro mod apk, regarding downloading, installation and features of this lovely apk mod. So let’s get started.

How to Download & Install Asphalt Nitro Mod on Android

  • Download Asphalt Nitro mod APK from here – Download Asphalt Nitro Mod
  • To install the apk based application you need need to follow some pre- installation procedure as it is required to download the game on your android phone, they are as followed.
  • Go to home screen and drag down the to go to setting by tapping on the settings icon.
  • There you will find option of security, click on the that. Then click unknown sources and enable it.
  • After allowing you device to accept applications from unknown sources, all need it to install application by opening the apk you downloaded previously.
  • Make sure you have disable you wifi and mobile data , as it is required for the successful installation of the application.
  • Accept the term and condition before the installation process and you are good to go.
  • Now, just open the game as the icon will available in the menu screen for the playing the game.

Features of Asphalt Nitro Mod APK

  • Cool graphics : the apk based mod works just like the original application with same realistic but virtual experience. Racing track includes ramps and twisted turned to perform cool ground as well height stunts during the race time. Speed limit of the cars have been increased to another extent that you will love to go with.
  • Wide variety of modes: play against your opponent in different mode such as gate drift, Knockdown,Slalom, Eject and many more from a list of 8 different modes. The classic police chasing mode add a different twist in whole racing. These mode can be played in the multiplayer options, so you can enjoy with your friends.
  • Racing tracks around the earth : tracks are designed with great graphic expertise with theme of different countries around the world in mind. Just explore by yourself and you will love it for sure without any doubt at all to find the hidden tracks shortcuts.
  • Supported by almost all Android version: this less than 40 MB application is supported by android 4.0 and above including android version like Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0–4.0.4), Jelly Bean (4.1–4.3.1), KitKat (4.4–4.4.4), Lollipop (5.0–5.0.2) or above.
  • Specific Mod Features: now get rid of all the in-app purchases as the mod specific feature includes Unlimited Cash. Unlimited Credits, Unlimited Stars, Unlimited Boxes and never ending Shopping.

Final verdict

Overall asphalt nitro APK mod is a complete package for those who want the experience luxury of all the in app purchases in racing game. In order to buy all the cool lasted models of cars and thrust accelerators in full speed like never before. Stay tuned at latestmodapks for more cool game mods like this.